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Pool Tile and Pool Coping

A swimming pool is just as much about form as it is about function, and with our professional pool tile and pool coping services in Connecticut, you can make sure that yours stays alluring for years to come. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current CT pool tile or coping, or you are in need of repairs, you can depend on the experts at Splash Pool Supply. Our technicians are experts in their craft, and they will perform all tile and coping work with the utmost precision. We work on both residential and commercial properties, and we would love to make your pool look brand new.

CT Pool Tile Repair & Installation

Pool tiles are an important part of any in-ground swimming pool. First, they make your pool look much better. The surface of the water reflects the colors in the tile to make the entire area shimmer. But pool tiles in Connecticut are also very functional. For one, their smooth surfaces are simple to clean, so your pool stays looking fresh for longer. Additionally, pool tile in Connecticut prevents a visible water line from forming.

If your tiles are cracked, broken, or loose, then they are a safety hazard to your family or your patrons. You donít want to risk keeping them damaged for any length of time. With our CT pool tile repair, you can get your tiles fixed quickly and efficiently so you can go back to having fun. CT Pool Coping Repair & Installation Pool coping is a very important part of any pool. It finishes off the top edges to keep them smooth, while also providing a convenient place to hold onto for people who are in the pool. At Splash Pool Supply, we offer several different types of pool coping in Connecticut, including granite coping, cantilever coping (poured concrete that extends over the edge of the pool), and the standard brick coping.

If you want to upgrade your residential or commercial pool coping in Connecticut, you can depend on the pros at Splash Pool Supply. We will go over the benefits of each type of pool coping and ensure you get the best one for your needs. And if you are in need of coping repair, we can swiftly fix any chips, cracks, or missing grout to keep your pool looking and performing like new.

For over 30 years, we have been providing homes and businesses across Connecticut with expert pool coping and pool tile repair. We strive to provide stellar service to every customer, and we would love to help you improve the performance and appearance of your pool. To learn more about our CT tile repair and pool coping, contact us today.

For any pool restoration service needs, please contact our pool restoration expert, Nick Healy, at [email protected].