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Why get a Loop-Loc Pool Cover?

Loop-Loc are one of the most trusted pool safety cover manufacturers in the industry. They have been paving the way as an industry leader by producing high quality safety covers for more than 35 years. It just so happens that they have the only mesh safety pool cover proven strong enough to support an elephant!

A few more reasons to trust Loop-Loc for your next swimming pool cover:
They sell the highest grade safety cover product in the industry
Their unique mesh construction for their pool safety covers lets rain and snow through but keeps dirt and leaves out
All covers come with a 15 year pro rated warranty
Their safety covers are very lightweight making pool openings and closings a breeze
The pool covers come in a variety of colors and looks much nicer than a traditional pool cover
Loop-Loc designs & builds the pool covers with safety at the forefront
High strength polyester bonded thread and high break strength (did we mention they can literally support and elephant?!)
Non-corrosive stainless steel springs
Black yarn used for UV stability
X tracking sewn manually for precise placement and maximum strength

To get more information, view their website & view Loop-Loc safety covers!

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