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Connecticut Pool Restoration

2017 Fall restorations OPEN VIDEO HERE

There are few things more enjoyable than spending the day outside relaxing by a pool, but in Connecticut, where winter months call for covering and keeping pools safe from the elements until the weather warms up again, this adds some maintenance work and upkeep required for a residential and commercial pool. If you find a small tear in the liner or a chipped tile in your Connecticut pool, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your outdoor oasis. With Pool Restoration services, you can repair the issues and continue to reap the benefits of your investment.

Even if there is no damage, over time your liner may have faded, or maybe you’re just tired of the design or look of your space. Pool restoration is the perfect way to change things up, make your pool look new again. At Splash Pool Supply, we offer Tile & Coping services to repair or replace tiles in and around your pool. Both of these elements are important to the structure of your pool and can be updated to more modern finishes that take your pool to the next level.

Modern pool designs include aggregate finishes that emulate stone and pebbles for a more luxurious feel. Take a little piece of a resort and getaway to your Connecticut backyard by upgrading to these new textures and colors versus your old, plain-plaster finish. Splash Pool Supply offers so many different options that you can truly create a pool restoration design that only you will have.

To help increase the value and attract people to your commercial property, pool restoration is a great solution. Nothing’s more inviting than sparkling, crisp, clear water and a welcoming environment to enjoy it in. Trust Splash Pool Supply in Connecticut to get the job done right. Our professional technicians have been working on pool restoration projects throughout Connecticut for over a decade and collaborate with customers to create pool restoration plans that meet their design needs and that are also structurally sound. Contact us today to get started on your pool’s transformation.

Remove and replace coping with granite, cantilever coping or standard brick coping. Replace old tile with a new modern tile. Replaster Pool or Paint and update the patio. The store has many samples to choose from and some inspirational ideas. OPEN SLIDE SHOW

For any pool restoration service needs, please contact our pool restoration expert, Nick Healy, at [email protected].