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Commercial Pool Services

From apartment complexes to hotels, we provide top-quality commercial swimming pool services across Connecticut. Since 1986, we have been restoring and maintaining commercial pools to help business owners remain compliant while ensuring their visitors stay safe. We are a Connecticut-based, family-owned business and we will provide you with the level of service you desire from a commercial pool maintenance company.

Here is a look at the CT commercial pool services we offer:

Tile Repair & Replacement

Whether your commercial pool has tile in the interior of the pool, on the stairs, or on the exterior of the pool, broken and cracked tiles can be a huge safety hazard. We will survey the entire pool and check for any loose or broken tiles, and then we will provide the swift repairs you need to keep your patrons safe.

Coping Installation & Repair

The coping around your pool provides additional support to the structure of your pool while also making it look nice. Since it is right on the edge, the coping is often the first part of commercial pools to get damaged. As part of our commercial pool services in CT, we can quickly repair any chips, cracks, or missing grout to keep the surface smooth and safe. Or if you are simply seeking an updated appearance for your pool, we can completely replace the coping for a whole new look.

Plaster Repair & Replacement

Our commercial swimming pool services are designed to help you keep your pool looking like new, year after year. For some commercial pool owners, this means repairing the plaster as it gets damaged, but for many, it means replacing the plain plaster with an aggregate pool finish. Our aggregate pool finishes are designed to last up to 20 years while providing your commercial pool with a luxurious appearance.

Pool Painting

Depending on the age of the pool, there is a chance that your pool is simply painted concrete. If this is the case, we recommend a fresh coat of paint every year before opening. We have perfected the art of pool painting and our commercial pool services in CT will make it look better than ever.

Patio Installation & Repair

In addition to making your pool look picture perfect, our expert craftsman can translate their skills into installing or repairing your patio to make it match the pool flawlessly.

Commercial Pool Maintenance

Our most popular commercial swimming pool service is our commercial pool maintenance. We will come out to your Connecticut business three times per week and perform a thorough cleaning of the pool, including:
  • Emptying skimmers and the housing basket
  • Vacuuming
  • Skimming the surface of the pool
  • Brushing the walls and bottom of the pool
  • Checking the backwash filter and gauges
  • Cleaning the hand rails
  • Performing a water analysis
  • Applying chemicals (Note: The chemicals themselves are not included in our rate)

If you want to keep your commercial pool in Connecticut looking like new all season long, contact Splash Pool Supply today. With over 30 years of experience in CT commercial swimming pool services, we promise to exceed your expectations.

Pool Openings and Closings

A big part of our above ground pool services and in-ground pool services in CT is our pool openings and closings. We will come to your commercial property and perform a comprehensive inspection and cleaning to make sure the pool is ready for use. At the end of the season, we will also prepare it to be stored properly to prevent any damage during the winter.

Custom Safety Covers

Splash Pool Supply takes all of the hassle out of replacing your old in-ground pool safety cover. Our family run business offers free measurements which means we will come to your commercial property to measure your pool and cover to ensure proper fit of the new safety cover. Our team is committed to getting you a new custom fit safety cover so your commercial swimming space is safe and ready for the off-season.

To learn more about any of our Connecticut commercial swimming pool services, contact us now.

If you have a problem with your pool give us a call at (860) 289-1826 and we will fix it!