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Swimming Pool Finishes in Connecticut

In the past decade, swimming pool finishes have come a long way. Now, instead of a plain plaster finish, many homeowners are opting for an aggregate pool finish. Created to emulate stone and pebbles, aggregate pool finishes give your Connecticut pool a luxurious appearance and extreme durability. Due to their resistance against pool chemicals, aggregate pool finishes can last 15-20 years, compared to the 5-7 years of their plain-plaster counterparts. Plus, since there are so many colors and textures available, you can really get into the customization aspect of restoring your pool to make it truly your own.

Pebble Tec® Aggregate Pool Finishes: The Superior Choice

Pebble Technology ®, otherwise known as Pebble Tec®, is the original maker of aggregate pool finishes. They refine stones using an advanced manufacturing process to ensure that your swimming pool looks gorgeous—and stays looking that way for a very long time.

With a Pebble Tec ® aggregate pool finish, you can bring the ambiance of Mother Nature to your own backyard. Every Pebble Tec® pool finish is extremely durable and provides a stain-resistant, non-slip surface to give your family years of enjoyment. We are proud to offer three Pebble Tec® pool finishes in CT:

  • PebbleTec® Pool Finish – This is the aggregate pool finish that started it all. It uses the largest pebbles in the lineup and gives an alluring natural appearance to your pool.
  • PebbleSheen® Pool Finish – This is the most popular aggregate pool finish by Pebble Tec®. It provides the same natural, picturesque appearance of the original finish, yet with slightly smaller pebbles for a more sophisticated texture.
  • PebbleFina® Pool Finish – The smoothest finish of them all, the PebbleFina® pool finish contains the smallest pebbles for a supreme look of lavishness. It is also enhanced with additives for even more strength, durability, and longevity than other aggregate pool finishes.

For even more elegance and dimension, Pebble Tec ® offers subtle pool enhancements that can be added to most of their aggregate pool finishes (and is already included in some):

  • Shimmering Sea – A gorgeous combination of exquisite organic shells that creates an extra sparkle in your pool that cannot be achieved any other way.
  • Luminous – A carefully curated glass bead blend that produces a unique color and puts a distinctive glisten in your pool.

If you are looking to upgrade your pool, our aggregate pool finishes will make you feel like you are living at a five-star resort. For over three decades we have been helping Connecticut families build and restore their swimming pools, and we would love to help you bring new life to yours. To learn more about our swimming pool finishes, and to explore which one will bring out your personality and design sense, contact us now.

For any pool restoration service needs, please contact our pool restoration expert, Nick Healy, at [email protected].